Disruptive Technologies for Finance

New technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing are changing business models and processes. Get an overview of the most relevant technologies for finance.

Disruptive Technologies for Finance

All of the industrial revolutions were powered by new technologies. Since the invention of money and banks, the basic business model has not changed. What is changing now? New technologies are not innovating existing businesses but completely reinventing them.

This Finmotion workshop will give you an overview of the most disruptive technologies in finance. You will learn how they work, what the key features are, and how to design a new business case based on them.

Core topics

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Robotics
  • Cloud computing
  • Biometrics

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The finance industry is undergoing fundamental changes in almost all aspects from change driven by regulators, new customer behaviors and of cause by technological innovations.

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