Digital Way of Working

Startups are differently organized and know how to sell their services online. Our best practice workshop shares concrete examples you can directly benefit from.

Digital Way of Working

Digital transformation has an impact on organizational structures, effective collaboration, and communication. Large companies are learning from leading startups how to organize responsibilities to be faster and more flexible as an organization.

The Finmotion Digital Way of Working workshop gives an understanding of the key differences, their causes, and their advantages followed by concrete examples and techniques. 

Core topics

  • Digital transformation of organizational structures in digital business models
  • Agile working frameworks and examples
  • Tools and techniques of digital collaboration

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The finance industry is undergoing fundamental changes in almost all aspects from change driven by regulators, new customer behaviors and of cause by technological innovations.

We provide trainings with best practices from the industry on various business models and enable you in interactive workshops to apply our professional contents directly in your business and strategy.